MRI Cold Magnet Storage

MRI Cold Magnet Storage Facility at Cool Pair Plus

MRI Cold Magnet Storage Facility at Cool Pair Plus

Cool Pair Plus provides a complete solution for Cold Magnet Storage.

Our in house MRI Cold Magnet Storage facility will house your fixed magnet with around the clock monitoring using our daVinci SM Cryogen Management System. The daVinciSM  continuously monitors key operating parameters and functions of the MRI System, transferring real-time statistics continuously to our unparalleled service team and facility management. This is a proactive prevention method for any potential helium loss and/or equipment failure.

Cool Pair Plus will also provide the required Compressor and Flex Lines along with connectors at our facility.

24 Hour Cold Magnet Storage daVinciSM monitoring includes:

  • Chilled Water Flow
  • Chilled Water Temperature
  • Compressor Operation
  • Coldhead Performance
  • Magnet Vessel Pressure
  • Computer Room Temperature
  • Computer Room Humidity
  • Gradient Water Flow
  • Gradient Water Temperature
  • Coldhead Performance including Sheild Temperatures and RUO Temperatures

Additional Monitoring and Storage Options:

  • Mobile MRI Unit Storage
  • On Site Cryogen Transfills
  • Discount Coldhead Replacement
  • Ramping and Shimming

>> More information on the daVinciSM Cryogen Management System