Company Profile

Providing Cryogenic Equipment and MRI Magnet Service since 1995

Providing Cryogenic Equipment and MRI Magnet Service since 1995

“Our engineers and support staff follow a quality control process that allows CPP to provide consistently superior products and services to our customers worldwide.”

~ Dave Baldwin, Vice President.

Cool Pair Plus has been providing MRI Cryogenic Equipment and MRI Service since 1995. We offer exchange and repair services for MRI Coldheads and Compressors for Sumitomo, Balzers, Leybold, and APD. We have a complete line of MRI Coldheads, Compressors, Flexlines and Adsorbers, in stock and ready for shipment. Our Expert On-Site MRI Magnet Service includes turnkey installations and 24 hour emergency service.

Cool Pair Plus is an independent equipment sales and service company focused EXCLUSIVELY AND ONLY on the Cryogenic Equipment Marketplace. We are not here to compete with your end-user full service agreements, but to support you on the highly technical side of the MRI magnet and associated sub-systems.

We have proven methodologies from the simple task of providing technical support via telephone or internet, to providing the industry leading “cryogen guarantee”, with utilization of our state-of-the-art Remote Monitoring and Management System.

Cool Pair Plus services cryogenic equipment from a wide range of applications including but not limited to, MRI equipment, industrial cryogenic vacuum pumps and specialized laboratory and research applications.

Cool Pair Plus is also available for in-house repairs of your existing equipment and also has the largest and broadest selection of parts and inventory in the industry. We invite you to examine our product capabilities and to contact us in order to discuss your specific application and requirements in more detail.

Mission Statement

Cool Pair Plus strives to provide cryogenic equipment sales and world-class service with honesty and competitive pricing; to provide energizing leadership and good corporate governance to maintain an enhanced customer trust; to deliver innovative and efficient solutions for a customer friendly process and to provide mutually beneficial relationships with associates and vendors. Finally, to offer the most reliable and advanced technology available in the cryogenic industry.