Cool Pair Plus Featured in Cold Facts Magazine

Cool Pair Plus Offers Life Support To Aging MRIs

Replacing broken or aging MRI or research equipment with new units is expensive, and so many hospitals, imaging centers and research installations turn to third parties to help maintain systems well past end-of-life. One of these is Cool Pair Plus (CPP). CCP has provided MRI cryogenic equipment and service since 1995, offering exchange and repair for MRI coldheads and compressors from multiple OEMs (including Sumitomo, Balzers, Leybold, and APD) and onsite magnet repair service for GE, Siemens and Phillips MRI systems. Additionally, the company works on cryopumps and other cryogenic equipment for research and production facilities.

“Repairing and refurbishing coldheads and compressors is a very niche market. We are satisfying this very specific need in the healthcare and research industries,” says Dick Branca, director of sales at CPP.