MRI Compressors

Exchange and Repair Services for MRI Helium Compressors – Balzers, APD, Leybold, and Sumitomo

Exchange Program
With this program, we will ship a replacement MRI helium compressor unit to you immediately. You then return your broken unit to us as a trade-in unit. This program minimizes down time, eliminates helium loss through boil off and enables you to maintain productivity with your equipment.

Repair Program
We will gladly accept your equipment for repair on a time and materials basis. Once we receive your compressor, we will perform an evaluation and present you with a detailed diagnosis and recommendation of specific parts, time and procedures required to return your unit to its original performance.

With either option, Cool Pair Plus provides complete testing of all MRI Compressors and guarantees that they have met or exceeded the performance specifications as outlined by the OEM of that equipment. We stand behind our work with a Full 12 Month Warranty.

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