Remote Magnet Monitoring

MRI Remote Monitoring


The daVinciSM Cryogen Management System is Cool Pair Plus’s Remote Magnet Monitoring system.

This monitoring system continuously monitors key operating parameters and functions of the MRI System, transferring real-time statistics continuously back to CPP headquarters and facility management, alerting key personnel and proactively preventing any potential helium loss and/or equipment failure.  Alert methods include email, smart phone text and email.

Custom Remote Magnet Monitoring Configurations for every unique MRI environment:

Remote Magnet Monitoring

Remote Magnet Monitoring

Key Operating Parameters

  • Chilled Water Flow
  • Chilled Water Temperature
  • Compressor Operation
  • Coldhead Performance
  • Magnet Vessel Pressure

Additional Monitoring Options

  • Computer Room Temperature
  • Computer Room Humidity
  • Gradient Water Flow
  • Gradient Water Temperature
  • Coldhead Performance including Sheild Temperatures and RUO Temperatures

Simple Analog Connection
Easily managed for larger hospital groups – little to no input from the IT Department is required.

Ethernet/Web Based Solution
Cool Pair Plus works directly with your IT department to secure a remote log-in connection via our daVinciSM software.

Satellite Connection
Primarily used on mobile configurations where no facility connections are required, not even 110 VAC of incoming power is needed! Instead a lifetime battery is used. This system not only monitors key functions while in route but can also be used to track your mobile’s position via GPS technology.

For more information on this innovative technology, email our Sales Department or call 224-293-6060.